Where’s Waldo? Remix Generator

I clicked the REMIX IT from the Write a Movie Review, and up popped “Where’s Waldo? It.” The task is to slip Waldo’s name quickly into an audio assignment. I chose a voice-over narration that I had previously produced that also had background sound of an old airplane flying, just to add more audio confusion. I put that track in Audacity then created a separate track and recorded me speaking “Waldo.” I muted the word slightly and repositioned it so it’s a few seconds into the narration, cut the narration to about 20 seconds, then I was finished. I exported it from Audacity as an MP3, then uploaded it to SoundCloud so I could embed it here in the blog. Relatively straightforward because I know you need to be able to hear Waldo! He’s not really hiding inside the soundtrack….

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  1. Wade

    This was a funny one, Waldo was at the 4 second mark!

  2. Zoe

    Found Waldo around 4 seconds! This seems like it was a fun assignment. It was certainly fun to listen to.

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