Don’t Rain on My Parade–Broadway Mashup

This is one of my favorite songs–I refer to Don’t Rain on My Parade as my lifelong mantra in a previous blog so let’s keep up a good, joyful thing going! I was working on MashupAssignments2124 and immediately thought of the Glee version with the lead singer Lea Michele and the film version of Barbara Streisand’s big hit. These are two very strong, capable artists and they came together perfectly. In the last few seconds, I combined the two clips and they are almost perfectly in synch and in artistic strength and quality. The goal of this mashup was to show how the different covers have been created over the years. Even though the costumes, backdrops, and body movements have changed, the strength of character has not changed and is still relevant today. This is a very empowering piece of music for anyone breaking away and becoming their own person.

To make this mashup, I put each piece on separate tracks then looked for a break in one track and used the scissors to cut it, then went back and forth on the next song until I found exactly where to cut it so I could match it up and start exactly where the last one left off. This was tricky because OpenShot Video Editor did not have the finesse I really needed to get exactly down to the .10 of a second to cut from one word to the next. I think it flows pretty well but I spent an inordinate amount of time getting the cuts to flow smoothly from one piece to the next. Then at the end, I had both tracks playing together, which I thought was pretty cool because they were in the same key, same timing and matched almost exactly. I made no adjustments!

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  1. Bird Hanning

    Thes cuts are awesome! You chose great places to switch between them, your work was well worth it!

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