Keep Moving Forward!

For DesignAssignments 1887, Motivational Poster, the task was to find an image and design a poster for that situation. I went at it backwards because my mantra for many moons has been to Keep the Forward Momentum Going, and that also (hopefully) will fit in with my long story and with our friend Bob and The Joy of Anything! In this case, I am looking at the Joy of Daily Life going forward, and not looking back. It’s important to get on that train, if you’ll allow me the metaphor, work up the momentum and keep it going. It’s the same in this class, and each class for this semester and every semester till I finish. Once I get on a roll, it’s easier to keep doing it, and joy and happiness will be there.

Sidebar: Did you know that Nike appropriated the “Just Do It” slogan from the Marine Corps? Yup. I’ve been around a long time, and that was one of many of our slogan, or rather my Drill Instructor’s as she yelled it ever so gently in my ears in boot camp. JUST DO IT!! Highly motivating. We all said it in the 70s and 80s. The man at Nike who took credit for creating the slogan had served in the Marine Corps Reserve and I’m sure he got a big bonus. Just a coincidence?? So now, I just say “Keep Moving Forward”. Same thing, just not giving it up to Nike, but you know what I mean.

For this work, I went back to some of your blogs and found out how you did your work, so thanks! I got on Canva (thanks Katie) and they wanted me to pay for using their images so I found that Wade (thank you) had used for free images. I created the poster then had an issue trying to figure out how to get it into this blog. Looking at Katie’s blog again, she put her finished product on Flickr but I couldn’t figure out how to upload from Canva to Flickr but I finally found the Embed dropdown on Canva and I made that work directly into my blog, by copying the code and going to Code Editor and pasting the code in. And you see the finished product below!

With the slogan “Forward Momentum” I wanted an image with forward-moving energy and finally found a group of people–swimmers–heading in the right direction. There are both male and female bodies and you can see energy in the image, so it was the most suitable. Then I found a font that could be italicized because I thought it would denote more energy. I used a darker color for the header than for the text on the bottom to give it more interest and then balanced it with the lighter color on the bottom for more energy. I used a turquoise border above and below the image to give the image definition and on top to connect the header with the image with the bleed. The colors for the text and border are consistent with the image, and create a unifying effect. The bleed on the bottom border goes into the image and that is fine because it creates more emphasis for the text with the clean line.

Forward Momentum by Jenny Holbert

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