Ellen Barkin in Buckaroo Banzai and Another Happy Day

This mashup is for Assignment 771 and was a no-brainer because I’m a tremendous fan of the film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Ever heard of it?? Of course, it had to come out in 1984, which is relevant as it plays off of George Orwell’s novel but in a weird, obtuse way. Ellen Barkin is just one of the many actors I could have picked for this Actor Transformation mashup from Buckaroo Bansai–there’s Peter Weller, John Lithgow, Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Lloyd and others. Look closely and you’ll see them in the two clips I chose. I picked the scenes from the movie to meet the terms of this assignment which is to watch the actor change roles and character–to see what they’re like in the beginning of their career compared to now. I also thought you could get some of the flavor of this quirky, cult film which as a sci-fi action cult film is as different as it can get from Barkin’s later film in 2011, Another Happy Day. Happy Day is a dark comedy drama and I found clips in different translations, the last one being in the original English. I hope that doesn’t through you off–just watch Barkin’s expressions, how she’s matured as an actor, and where she is in her life.

The process was relatively straightforward. I found the two movies as far apart in Barkin’s career and genre in her body of work then looked for clips that I could download. I decided on multiple clips even though it would make the end-product longer, just to give the viewer more of an understanding of how Barkin has evolved over time. I decided one 10-second clip per film wouldn’t do the assignment justice. After cutting each clip down as tightly as possible to focus on just her facial expressions from five total clips, then I created titles for each film in PowerPoint and added them to the OpenShot Video Editor project. I exported the final product to my hard drive, then uploaded it to Vimeo so I could embed the file in my blog. E voila! We have a finished product below.

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