Journey to Ice and Fire: Iceland

In Iceland, it is all about water, whether it was cold or hot; a rainbow, waterfall, geyser, hot thermal springs, glacier or ocean. The air temperature in August averaged about 62 degrees and we always had some kind of windbreaker and water repellent jacket, and hiking boots. This was one of my most favorite photographic trips and I really enJOYed myself. It was a great chance to be around gentle people who enJOYed life and lived a more essential existence, not so cluttered with noise and nonsense. There were street lights in Reykjavik, but only there. The rest of the island country had roundabouts at their intersections, or simply stop and yield signs. The maximum driving speed was 55 mph (I really had to check myself and relax.) Of the 370,000 people, over 134,000 live in Reykjavik. That leaves a pretty sparse population for the rest of the country which is wonderful. We found everyone kind, warm, inviting and conversational. Bob Ross would have been in his element in Iceland.

For making this VisualAssignments1256, I already had the photos and a Google Docs account and had created slides on Google Docs but had never transferred a slideshow and embedded it in a WordPress blog. So I had to look up online how to do that. The instructions were pretty clear, to go to File, click on “Publish to the Web”, then “Embed” and “Publish” and that will get you the code to copy and embed in WordPress. And it worked! I saved it in my draft blog and did a Preview to see how it looked and I was a happy camper. Not fancy, but got the job done. For the slide show, all I did was insert the images and filled in the background with a solid color as the theme for every slide so there was consistency. I did not do a cover slide because the instructions said to have 9-12 slides and it said nothing about text over the photos. I kept it simple with just photos of my adventure in Iceland.

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  1. Hailey

    This is super neat, I have always wanted to go to Iceland, but this made me need to go LOL!!

    1. admin

      You must go, and in July, latest August. It’s never really warm and may rain a lot but it’s all worth it. My goal was to get to as many hot thermal pools as possible. they were all well worth it.

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