“Happy” Exercising and (not) Socializing by the River

For this VideoAssignments1537, “Exercise and Socialize” we’re supposed to record a video of ourselves, taking a neighborhood walk and play a song in the background that the neighbors would enjoy. Not being sure if I can record a video while playing music on the same iPhone (and knowing that as a human I am not able to walk and chew gum at the same time), I decided to record myself walking on the Heritage Trail near the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg the other day, then I would add background music that neighbors would (maybe) enjoy, if they didn’t otherwise consider it Disturbing The Peace (one person’s music is another person’s noise, eh?). I chose Happy by Pharrell Williams. It’s upbeat, encourages you walk briskly, puts a smile on your face, Bob would endorse the music, we need it now–it’s everything great about Happy!! The only thing absent from this video is the socializing part. It was a cold day, middle of the week, middle of the afternoon and the rain was imminent. We’ll just have to imagine the people who are normally at the riverside.

To make this video, I recorded it on my iPhone as an MOV file then converted it on CloudConvert to an MP4. I recorded the song from my laptop to my iPhone as a WAV file then recorded it onto the Audactiy app. This converted it to an MP3 and also allowed me to adjust the output volume. By grabbing the song this way, I lost a lot of fidelity but it also sounded like I was recording the music as I was walking outside, so even though the quality is diminished, it’s okay for this project. I knew I’d be muting the sound to some degree anyway, so that would reduce some of the degradation in the listener’s ear.

I don’t know how to adjust the sound volume on an audio track in OpenShot Video Editor (if that’s even possible), and I’m on a tight deadline right now, so I first reduced the overall volume of the Happy song to what I thought would be acceptable, and imported the file into OpenShot. It was too low, so I removed that file and created a new project in Audacity with the Happy song, only slightly muting the overall song, then importing it again into OpenShot. That was good enough to where you could still here my voice in the video track and the Happy song.

Then I needed to cut a split second out of the beginning of both the audio and video tracks at the very beginning. I don’t know how to delete a very small clip but I learned that if I cut where I need, then remove the large clip to an empty track, then I can delete that tiny clip without harming the one large track, then I just put the large track back where it belongs. I’m sure this is rookie work, but I got it done and hope to find out from an experienced person how to be more efficient in the future.

I saved the project, exported the file, uploaded to Vimeo, embedded in the blog and that’s the name of that tune! Have a Bob Ross Day!

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