Phi, The Golden Ratio Movie

Just learning about the Golden Ratio was fascinating to me, from a sculpture who came to visit a few years back when I had a bed and breakfast at my home. He explained that it is very pleasing to the eye, that people feel comfortable, when they see a composition that is in proportion to the Golden Ratio. So I explored it further and have found out that there is mathematical science to this ratio and it also may, or may not, be real in art or nature. It’s up to you to decide what you think about that.

The Ratio is almost perfectly aligned with this cool spiral–in scientific terms called the Fibonacci Sequence. But in the main, does it really matter? I call it all Golden, and Bob Ross? He’d call it Joy and Happy Little Spirals…..

To create this movie, I’m following Video Assignment 445, called “Text + Diagram -> into a Movie”. The point to the assignment that text doesn’t tell the whole story, so make a movie that combines text and diagrams to get the “ah, ha” effect to help the viewer better understand the written text. My task was to find written text (I recorded me scrolling through the wiki on the Golden Ratio), then find the happy medium with added diagrams. I created diagrams in my title and then cut in Salvador Dali‘s famous painting that is a perfect “diagram”/explanation of the Golden Ratio in application with the dodecahedron in the background and his placement of objects in the painting. I further added a diagram of the Fibonacci sequence and then ended with the diagram of the sequence overlaid on a rose signifying that the sequence and the Golden Ratio are almost synonymous with each other, and beautiful in nature, all around us.

To create this movie, I shot the videos from my iPhone then converted them from MOV to MP4 using CloudConvert. I wrote the script and recorded it on my phone then converted that from WAV to MP3. In Open Shot, I created a Master Track and imported the file for the text then made cuts where I needed to insert the art. It seems easy but I had to time it with the narration which created difficulties for me because I’m not adept at creating transitions and sometimes the app created transitions when I didn’t want them. This took a lot of time and there are some obvious hiccups (literally) in the end product. Because of this, I decided to add background music to create a cleaner sound. I found the background music on then had to convert the background music to MP3. I then took the file to audacity to lower the volume because I couldn’t figure out how to do that in Open Shot Video Editor. After that, I imported it to my project and I think it’s value-added because it gives the movie an overall cleaner sound and hides some of the sound imperfections from my video recordings. If I have more time, there is room for improvement but I need to first consult with someone who can help me with the nuances of editing. After all that, I exported the video to my hard drive, then sent it to Vimeo, so I could embed it here, in my blog! And there you have it–2:21 of Golden Ratio! You know what, I should have kept the movie run time to 1.618033988749….. ha ha ha ha ha ….

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