It’s A Bad, Bad Photo

This was fun. No pressure because I didn’t have to find a good photo to work with. I could relax and look for one of my lamest photos, and I found one that is just blobs of plants and a sputtering of water with no context or depth. Bob Ross would never have gone with a finished look like this. He would have been more deliberate in his thinking about what would look balanced in the frame, and maybe pulled back to see the bigger picture. Or he would have taken away most of the greenery and maybe added that frog! As it is, it is all green with no composition, perspective or purpose to it.

The instructions for Visual Assignments65 is to pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in Helvetica. To me, vintage means Sepia tone so I applied that to the photo then wrote “The Frog Sat Here!” in Helvetica on the large leaf. I used the photo editor to create the effects and it was pretty easy except I could not figure out how to insert something like a text box (like I do in Power Point to manipulate the text).

After I set the font and point size for the text, and put the curser to start typing, I was stuck with what I had. I’m sure there’s a way to change and move the text around after it is put on the image but I could not easily find it. I tried to highlight the text, but no joy–it did not go anywhere. The only thing I could do was to delete the layer and start over again.

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  1. Katie Reif

    I did the same prompt, although mine ended up with a very different tone. I went cheesy, you went funny. I legitimately laughed out loud! For the rest of the day, I am going to be saying “The Frog Sat Here!” with no context.

    1. admin

      Yay, now you made me laugh! Someone got it!

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