Peace be Here. And There.

A relaxing VisualAssignments2109 called “Places of Peace”. Bob Ross would have approved because it is a nice way to find a little bit of joy in my day, looking for photos that take me right back to peaceful, joyful places I’ve visited and that I also get to enJOY now. The assignment is to create a collage of at least four photos from my favorite spots where I feel relaxed or at peace, then post to Twitter. Peace of cake!

I used photos that I also found peaceful because they had, for the most part, balance, good depth of field, interest, perspective, lighting and tonal quality. I used PowerPoint and let its design feature arrange the photos into a collage which made it very easy. The only time I spent was deciding which design to use because the different designs emphasized different photos and cropped some in ways that made them less impactful. The design I chose may not have been the most interesting but it was the best to showcase the five photos. Then I posted it to Twitter and could only think of one hashtag to include. I hope that was enough!

Here is the Tweet:

And the collage:

The collage includes (clockwise from the upper left) a lotus blossom garden in Washington DC; my Christmas tree; the sun hanging low over the Pacific Ocean; my hammock and umbrella next to the koi pond at home; and the sun setting in the distance at my home.

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