Samples of Making Better Photographs

A deliberate composition in the camera. Being more pleasing to the eye keeps the viewer looking at the details and interested in the total image because all the elements are related to one another. In this case, the moss and mushrooms are growing in the shade of the woods around fallen leaves and branches, so there is life and beauty on the floor of the woods, even in death.
This shows the contrast of binary opposites between solid/linear/clean/metal and fluid/nonlinear/messy/water. Many people wonder what is the dark black metal on top. It doesn’t make sense to have these two together but it’s a flooded park bench by the river!
This is from the gopher’s perspective with the human trail bench in the background.
Extreme close-up of a Lotus blossom almost finished, in the bright sunlight with a dark background to create Depth and complimented with other flowers in back.
Nature creating its own balance and symmetry through snow, wind and light while the background is split in half between snow-textured woods and a lawn of snow.
In this Moment, another snow storm is trying to cover up the damage from the first, where a fallen tree is bent so far in half that its top limbs are resting on the ground and it cannot be saved.
Lighting: I got into the freezing water to capture the light reflecting off the hanging “ice people” to capture their silhouettes so you can see them, too! Then I enhanced the reflection of light on the water to see all the rippling effects on the left.
In the interior of Iceland, I positioned the little fumarole in the bottom left foreground with the other geysers steaming in the center, then angled the camera to catch a great background of mountains, highlands and glaciers (center right) in the far distance for scale.

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