Stories Created from Dailies

We never knew what was going to happen in our lives. Some young people, early in high school and after, had it all planned out. They set themselves on a trajectory with a plan of education, training, family, maybe the military, where they planned to live and what hobbies they would pursue. And then came along Wayne’s World!!

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey couldn’t spell “unintended” if they had to! Especially if it had something to do with commitment! But dude, they enjoyed their lives, did no harm to others and blissfully stayed in their bubble of a world away from any harsh reality.

For the rest of us who live in the real world, it would be cool to keep a piece of Wayne’s World with us wherever we are, and listen to that voice now and then as we go on with our planning and succeeding. Then, we need to tend to the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Just think, of all days–March 14, Pi Day–when people are thinking analytically about mathematics, could there be a tribute day of unintended consequences for the genius comedian, Lucille Ball. Her physical comedy HAD to include a pie baking contest that of course HAD to be a meringue pie that created the unintended consequence of ending up in someone’s face.

For all Star Trek fans out there, Live Long and Prosper! ….and eat Pi!

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  1. Olivia

    This is really funny and creative, great job!

  2. Bird Hanning

    This is so cool! the tone is perfect, and now I want to eat meringue pie,

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