Radio7 Logo on the Brain

For our radio show design project, I decided to create a generic logo for our radio show group. We are named Radio7. It’s simple, clean and there are seven of us doing a radio show that could always morph into something other vision! We didn’t want to be tied down last Sunday because we couldn’t–we didn’t know what we were going to be doing yet. So the logo needs to be generic, also. I wanted the font for “Radio7” to have energy, a lot of style and be very current. Then I grabbed a screenshot of audio recording from a SoundCloud embed on one of my blogs and turned it into a jpeg image, then cropped it to fit under the Radio7 text, with the tails of the “R” in Radio hanging down over the audio image. I could have left it at that, but a logo is nothing in radio if they don’t know how to find you! So, I told them where to find us! on DS106. I kept that part very short, with no URL–that would be messy. This last text could be improved on but the point is, no more words than this, and maybe a catchier, more timeless phrase would work better. Maybe something like “channeling Bob Ross”–a little double entendre working there…. The colors, simple black for boldness with the one other color of the audio file. It would transfer well on hats, shirts, paper–multiple mediums–with plenty of white space.


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  1. Zoe

    I think your logo looks really good. Really like the screenshot from SoundCloud. I’m guessing from the left corner of your design you used Canva to put it all together?

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