A Defiant Song Story

I always had a determination to insist on fairness so when AudioAssignments75 came up to write a Song Story, something popped immediately in my head. From the time of my memories, I’ve thought about fairness and why being male or female was such a big deal when people thought about what someone should or should not do in their lives. When Barbra Streisand sang Don’t Rain on My Parade in the movie Funny Girl, in 1968, it made perfect sense to me and became my personal anthem. Then, when I needed a song for the talent portion of the Miss Waukon pageant for which I was conscripted along with six of my other friends, the song fit. At least for me, although I may have been 50 years too soon to perform that song for a beauty, errr, “scholarship” pageant.

This song, as a mantra of sorts, would have pleased Bob Ross, even if it’s not specifically about joy. It is about living a focused life and one of fulfillment. Set your goals and live your dreams-follow your destiny!!

The photo below is right out of my 1974 high school year book, taken with my iPhone. The glasses are wire-rimmed octagons–just a few years out from contacts. I’m thinking the hairstyle is actually trending again!!

For the audio piece, I learned that I could record the song directly from YouTube to Audacity and I followed the directions exactly. The recording sounded very “thin” and did not have good fidelity but it was the best I could come up with, so that was a disappointment. I still used the music but also used the Envelope Tool and reduced the sound to a minimal level so the poor quality wouldn’t be quite as noticeable. I also used just a small clip in the beginning, then a little longer clip at the end. It wasn’t necessary to play the whole song, so that was fine.

I recorded my voice track directly on Audacity using the guidelines I found online. I was surprised that the silence between my sentences was not recorded so I re-recorded my track and I heard the same problem so then understood that Audacity stops recording when there is no sound. So I either need to change the recording settings, or silence somehow between sentences. I have noticed this in other Podcasts and thought it was an effect that editors were using, but now I’m wondering if it’s in the recording software. Regardless, that was a second disappointment.

I thought about inserting a portion of the song in the middle of my script but my frustration level was too high at this point and I decided that I met the terms of the assignment so I finished with adjusting the music at the end, and exporting the file.

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