Must Get the Snow Shoveling Done

This is my Sound Effects Story, Audio Assignments 2615. I used Audacity and found three sounds from They were of shuffling shoes, shoveling snow and a car crashing. With a lot of choices, I was thinking about what sounded best for sounds outside, in a snowy, icy cold environment. The plot of the story is a person goes out to shovel snow near a road and as they are shoveling they are interrupted by a car crash on the icy road. But then, they go back to shoveling because it’s just another crash among many on that road, that hour, that day. Then they’re done and they trudge off.

The difficulty was in figuring out Audacity and when I made a mistake, undoing my mistake (somehow I created loops) and starting over. I did learn to save my file as a project after I added the three sound files and before I began editing so I could take my time. this way I could always go back to the original if I had to start over. Luckily, I didn’t have to start over. I went back and forth between working on my project and listening to the Audicity tutorial link on Week 5 (although I am using a different version of Audacity). After I was finished, I again saved it as a project then finally exported it to my laptop then uploaded it to SoundCloud per the instructions. After that, I embedded it in this blog by pasting it in to the Code Editor. I think we’re good!

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  1. Bird Hanning

    Very cool story! You chose some really nice sounds. It’s almost comedic how the shoveling sounds continue afterward.

    1. admin

      Thanks and you got it! You got the sick humor!

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