Radio7 Show Introduction Draft

For this audio assignment, I’m bending the rules a bit in the interests of the radio show project. How about a dark take on Audio Assignment 1745, “Good Morning Message to the Village? It’s still a message to a village, that is, our village in DS10,6 and a message of murder….

We need an intro for our show, and this is pretty straightforward. Since there are seven of us creating the show, the total time for the show needs to be between 35-49 minutes, so I wrote a one-minute introduction draft. It may need to be expanded or contracted, depending on how everything else balances out with commercials, bumpers, transitions and the actual story.

Our group also does not want to give away any of the details and they will be changing, so I cannot show you what I produced. It is locked up in our Google Docs vault, for only the Radio7 crew and Professor Bond to have Eyes On! What I can tell you is that I wrote a script that should bring the audience first into our group’s work and explain what we are doing, then bring them into the story and tell them what they will be experiencing, hopefully to tease them enough to stick around till the very end to find out “Who Done It?”

I recorded the intro/message on Audacity, then posted it to SoundCloud and put the link on our Google Docs site so the group has access to it. Once the story script is finished, then the intro can be edited and recorded with background music, then mixed into the master track.

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  1. Zoe

    Your show sounds really cool! So from the sounds of it, your group is making one long story together, instead of each doing loosely connected segments?

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