Bumping in the Night

This bumper is for AudioAssignments2616, part of our radio show that we’re putting together. I don’t want to give any more away so suffice it to say, I found two pieces of sound: background music and birds chirping. Then I recorded a message to keep listening to Radio7 for the continuation of the broadcast story. This is generic enough that this bumper can be used in a few places during the show. We need to produce some of the bumpers and commercials now, while the script is being written so the material must be more generic. After the script is finalized, either these can be modified by laying down new vocal tracks with modified scripts, or adding more bumpers and transitions where they are needed in the storyline.

For this one, I found the background sounds on freesound.org and added them, then recorded the voice on a separate track on Audacity. I adjusted the location of all three tracks, cutting the background music and fading it at the end for a total of 15 seconds. This can easily be cut to 10 seconds if needed but for now, I left it long to give the production group more to work with.

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  1. Bird Hanning

    I love how it starts so innocent and slowly turns eerie as it continues. Awseome job! I am in suspense

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