Radio7 Progress Notes

Our group, Radio7, is doing well, having finished our first week in the creation of our radio show that will be ready to air on Friday, March 11.  We have a vision and a task at hand with some granularity.  We know we are producing a murder mystery radio show that will last 35-49 minutes, with an intro, outro, about 6 bumpers, 6 commercials, and with transitions if needed.  Mela, Amy and Katie are working specifically on the script that will be ready on Sunday.  They have fascinating and fun ideas with great details to put a script together quickly.  In the meantime, we have a general plot and characters to work with so commercials, bumpers and the intro can be created by RJ and Ellie (although everyone has their two-audio assignment requirement this week so there is plenty of cross-pollination of work this week).  Wade will be working on the production of mixing the master tape. I have seen some of our group’s different logo designs and they are really creative.  We should make a poster mashup of our different logo designs!

This group seems really good about wanting the best possible outcome and everyone is engaged.  I have volunteered to work on organizing, planning and production.  Everyone will be voicing a character in the story when we record. With Spring break ahead of us, we hope to look for more sound effects once we get the script, then maybe also work on commercials and bumpers.  When we meet on Monday, March 7, we’ll be going right into recording the story script because after that is done it will take some time to put everything together on a master track.  Then the show is turned in by Friday, March 11, uploaded to SoundCloud.

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