Color Makes a Difference

We feel excited, calm, happy and sad, many times based on the colors around us. So when the colors are changed up, what does that do? Check out what happens to the sky, ground and The Bean in Chicago.

The Bean Colored

For this VisualAssignments1701 “Color Changer,” I installed so I could manipulate the image. I used the Paint Bucket to take large areas within the photo and turned them one of three colors–yellow, magenta or teal. I’m sure there were more sophisticated effects I could have used but it is late and I don’t have time to spend learning this program. Actually, looks a lot like Photoshop (but that’s been years since I used Photoshop). This gave The Bean and the area an Abstract Art look along with the skyscrapers and also The Bean sculpture. This seems to make the humans look like they are more in a theme park than in Millennium Park in an urban center.

The other piece of this assignment was to post the image to Flickr for all the world to see, which I did then embedded it from Flickr to this blog. I had to copy the code from Flickr into the Code Editor, which worked well, although the Flickr logo came along with the image as a background theme which surprised me, along with the file and photographer’s name, and copyright, so that was a first for me to see that additional information. I guess Flickr does that to provide some cursory/pseudo legal protection of my work.

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  1. Zoe

    I’m actually working on this same assignment currently! Wish you had posted the original image though so it would be easier to see what you did to it.

    1. admin

      Ah, that would have been smart. I did that for another assignment but forgot about this one. I’ll definitely remember for the future!

  2. Amy

    this was cool! I like how in the bean you see pink ground, but the actual ground is yellow. it kind of shows different perspectives, and distortion.

    1. admin

      Thank you–it was fun seeing how it worked!

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