Please Tell Me What This Is!

What Is This?

For Visual Assignments 1882 “That’s Not What I Expected”, I not only took a close-up photo but then cropped it more closely to take away a lot of clues for you. But there are clues and I think, still too many. Regardless, this is my favorite theme in photography and what gives me the greatest JOY (Bob Ross would be happy with this photo theme). I think nature always takes the path of least resistance, and fills in where there is either a void or balances when there is abundance. Look at this perfect color yellow–is it to attract or to warn? I have no clue but it sure stood out when I was looking for subjects to photograph that day.

For this assignment, I purposefully cropped everything out except the most critical pieces that would give you the information to identify what this is. But the cropping is what took the most time because I wasn’t sure where to stop. This is the real bugger with photo editing–when is the piece finished?? For this one, at first I did some lighting and color editing then decided to undo everything because it wasn’t necessary. The original was beautiful on its own. If I were looking at the original to frame, I would not blow it up quite so large but I’m impressed what an iPhone can do! The resolution on this image and color saturation are quite amazing. I’d like to talk more about taking this photo, but that may give away the subject. I have kept the original photo and plan to update this post with the original after a few guesses, so please comment! Then we can talk.

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