Holbert Weekly Summary

This is not just Boot Camp Week but also Fire Hose Week.

Getting the Domain set up didn’t seem like an issue, it went smoothly.  Same with SoundCloud. 

I had a problem with my AT&T wireless account (not able to send codes to text) that stalled getting an Instagram set up so that was over two hours on Monday with AT&T and then my Instagram account was active.  But then I couldn’t get the files to embed in my blog on Wednesday. After spending a great deal of time trying to figure that out, I learned that Facebook doesn’t allow Instagram embedding anymore.  What a waste of time!  We call these Reindeer Games in the Marine Corps, when you’re doing work that is useless, that will never be accomplished because something is broken or you haven’t been told about the missing piece.  So even though there’s a possible solution out there, I decided to go the path of least resistance, pull chocks and forget Instagram.  I had wasted four days on Instagram when Flickr was available.  Today, I switched quickly to Flickr and got the images embedded in the blog so now all is good to go for the rest of the semester.

I have not received a Discord invite to join as indicated on the assignment, so that’s on myTo Do list to ask about when everything else is complete.

I had a Twitter account that I had never used for 10 years and it is still there!  I do need to figure out how to filter just our class because I don’t do well with chaos.  PTS and ADD do not do well in chaos, so thriving in my world needs to include as much order and peace as possible.

YouTube was a no-brainer because I have gmail, then finding an existing movie file made it easy.  At this point, creating new content is a non-starter.

WordPress seemed to be fine but I was confused about what my blog’s URL was, so I asked Prof Bond and he confirmed my URL had the http:// in front of it but it’s assumed and doesn’t show up on the wordpress admin page (WordPress needs to make things more idiot-proof). I got everything registered and and appreciated his encouragement again to be patient with the processing cycles.  I do have FiOS and live high on a hill but maybe I need to feed the gophers who power the machines…..

In the meantime, it’s been meditative to listen to Bob Ross—a nice switch-up from figuring out all the accounts.   At least for a minute.

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