Weekly Summary Week Five–High Five!

Below are all the embeds for the work I did this week. I “got ‘er done” but I cannot say I gained maximum proficiency in the audio arena. I’d say I’m mediocre at best in Audacity and it was difficult to find help for the version I am using. For instance, the tutorial that was provided on Week 5 is not using the same version that I downloaded from the link that was made available to us. I spent probably an hour trying to find the time shift tool. After a certain point, I had to accept mediocrity because I wasn’t going to waste more time when there were other important things demanding my attention, like writing a paper and preparing for a midterm in another class.

For listening to the radio show, I realized at the 11th hour that I was not connected to Discord. If I got an invite earlier in the semester, I missed it but I didn’t see it in the syllabus, an email, or anything I recall. But we were able to fix it right away. the only thing was that i was completely alone in my Discord room, with no one to talk to–no entry to any server. I think the problem was that I did not have a phone number in my profile because the next day when I updated that information then e voila! People showed up to hang out! I had a nice chat on Tuesday during the radio show!

I keep biting off the elephant of this digital storytelling beast. Pretty soon, by April 29, it will be a baby elephant playing in the mud at a watering hole, having a ball.

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  1. Paul

    Audio editing is challenging, especially at first when we have to figure out interfaces as well as concepts. But once we play with it and make stuff, then we know how. It’s interesting that you mention the time shift tool in Audacity. I’ve never used it. I always just cut and paste to get things where I want them. There are all kinds of ways to get things done.

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