Radio Show Idea–The Voice

Thinking out loud here. Really. If we are going to be recording our voices in the future, those voices are one of the tools to effectively communicate to our audience. I think it would be cool to do a radio show about how we use our voices effectively to get our message across. For instance, some people have a rise in their voice at the end of a sentence which sounds like they are asking a question. I believe this became a “thing” in the U.S., over a decade ago, coming across the pond from Great Britain. But if you’re in a professional setting, or if you want to get a point across, that rise in your voice does not give the listener a sense of confidence in you. Listen to interviewers, professional speakers and news anchors. They end a sentence with the tone dropping at the end of a sentence.

There are many tricks to think about when speaking in the public domain. We could have fun talking about elocution–tongue twisters to develop mouth muscles. Refer to My Fair Lady and how changing a dialect changes people’s feelings about you. Consider regional and ethnic dialects and whether they fit in, or where they fit in.

I took a Linguistics course with Dr Lee here at UMW and I learned that the reason some people say “aks” or “ax” instead of “ask” goes back to Old English when “ask” was first spelled “aksion” as it migrated from Germany.

One of the Assignment Bank topics was to learn how people talk for Ted Talks. Maybe we explore that for a minute, or think of other “styles” that are used for speaking. Are podcast speakers a certain style? Does it change from the beginning to the middle to the end?

Bottom line, our voices and how we use them could be an interesting radio show and the show would be one big example!

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