The Sunday Radio Hour +

Tonight’s DS106 Radio featured Death of the Painter and Coroner’s Tale at the 8 p.m., slot. My team, Radio7, created Death of the Painter and it was fun to listen to our brainchild live! It was also a little surreal to hear it “over the airwaves.”   I was using my headphones and it sounded much more professional, as if it had been improved upon since I last heard it.  Maybe it just sounded more “official.”  I didn’t hear all the little flaws that were there because the background music blended things together much better, and it came together as a total package instead of being a bunch of pieces.  I appreciate the wonderful comments from other class members, especially when they got a joke, or they responded to some sound element group that had been especially tricky.  It feels good when someone notices our effort, and picks up on our intention of making it a real, old-style radio show and tying the commercials to the story line.  It gave the show more of a campy feel, which was our intent.

After listening to our radio show for so long, from soup to nuts, it seemed like it was the only one on the planet.  Until Coroner’s Tale started!  To hear this group’s work was such a wonderful aural sensory explosion!  I’ve been thinking about, and listening to, squirrels, fighting, interviews, murder-mystery sounds for the past three weeks and this was a complete 180.  Coroner’s Tale was Sci-Fi with mechanical voices, Mr. God-echo voice (pretty funny, actually), radio and helmet-remote speaker voices, and great tracks moving across the headphones as they were fighting aliens in the spaceship. There were so many sound captures that I couldn’t keep up with, nor give an apt description of, them all.

At first, the voice performing the autopsy (a medical examiner?) was difficult to hear so I turned up the volume on my headphones, then I got blasted in the next scene with the alarms.  I think they had issues with balancing the sound from one effect to another throughout the piece so that everything was at a level they wanted with each one in the end.  But that was minor compared to the complex mixing and voice recording they achieved with really fast action from scene to scene. They did an immense amount of crafting in each second, with multiple layers of sound throughout their entire program.

It is obvious that this group worked really well together, from the planning, scripting and through the final production because of the many pieces of this puzzle that had to come together.   They put in a lot of time and effort, and their voice acting was great.  I really appreciate their creativity in all the details, from the static at the very beginning, to creating the effect of the alien—I knew right away from the sound that something out of this world (pun intended) had broken in.  They made the story very believable, and I bought in. If you haven’t heard it–go find it and listen–you’ll be blown out of this world!

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