What Yonder Design Doth Blitz??


Color is what defines the design in the photo below, and the deep saturation of color enables the back lighting to play with the reds and greens to create interest for the viewer. The deep red berries on the left that are not directly backlit by the sun look solid and beautiful, then those that are touched by the sun rays appear to be more translucent and brighter but not “blown out” by the strong lighting. The varying shades of green in the background provide depth and context for the red berries, and the blue sky is dappled among the green leaves. Color also plays its hand in the refraction of light as it hit the lens of the camera, creating an effect that the eye would not capture.

Representing the Concept of Color in Design

This photo below, of a building along the Chicago River, embodies the concept of Rhythm in design. As the reflections of buildings climb up the glass walls of this building, they undulate with the repetition of the glass mirrors changing in the same pattern, story after story. There is an exact rhythm to this wave, with each story in the glass building being the same height, and the curve of the building bending in the same arc as you pass by.

Representing the Concept of Rhythm in Design

Typography is the design concept represented below, in the sign of my now closed bed and breakfast. When designing the logo and then asking the sign maker to design the sign, I wanted the word “Lavender” to be italicized in a font to denote a romantic feel, then the word “HEIGHTS” to be in all caps and a font to go with the word “heights” and the “H” larger than the other letters (I have to apologize but I forget the names of the fonts–it’s been over 12 years ago.). Then I wanted the words “Bed and Breakfast” and “419 Forbes St.” to be in another font, so that there would be no more than a total of three fonts on the sign. I also wanted those words to be in a familiar font that was easily readable from the road. Each of the fonts needed to be understandable and scalable because this was part of my branding package for business cards, letterhead, website, etc.

Representing the Concept of Typography in Design

This art installation at the National Portrait Gallery represents the concept of Unity in design and brings together children playing around a Maypole with birds flying overhead. Cords and the pole take the viewers’ eyes from the children up to the ceiling where they see birds strung like a mobile above the Maypole. With every element being solid black and the lighting subdued except where it is lit in the center of the pole, this completes the look and ensures the observer feels the unity between all elements as if the birds and children are all playing and dancing together in a circle around the Maypole.

Representing the Concept of Unity in Design

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