Weekly Summary–Week Six

Design Week was easier from the perspective that the apps were more straightforward and easier to use, saving a lot of time. This was a much less aggravating, and much more Joyful week. Bob would be in a more blissful place this week if he were taking the course and was introduced to some of this technology for the first time. It also helps that last semester, I took the Art class, Intro to Design, so we studied the concepts of design in more detail. I tried to use my experience is creating products like brochures, flyers, business cards, invitations, programs and other hard copy materials in the past to put things together on the computer with decent balance, proportion and design. Still, after going through other students’ work, I realize how much more there is I could learn that I am not aware there is out there! I saved some of those great ideas to use in the future, maybe for my final project.

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