Namaste This! I Dare You.

It is taking every fiber of my core to channel Bob Ross tonight, looking for anything resembling Joy. First it was the Daily Create that stumped me because I couldn’t figure out how to flatten a file–layering a bubble on top of the image then making it one .jpg file. So I reached out to some folks and while waiting for a response I decided to work on this assignment, #210, called “Based on 1-Quote-A-Day Project!!”

The object is to record a quote you read out loud, and with feeling! So I read it with two different emotions. The first reading is how I currently feel about my ability with technology (especially tonight as I tackle Twitter); and the second reading in the spirit of Bob and his effusive joy at his work and in life. I do need that joy in my life; it’s what I’ve been thinking about since August. Perhaps I’m meant to be here, in this space, reading this quote, and gaining joy in this way, with electrons. Who knows.

As you can see, I’m behind on my calendar since today is Thursday, Jan 20. Or you might say God has a sense of humor and left it there for me to cogitate during Week Two of DS 106.

Got the Twitter problem solved, so got this recording done using the Voice Recorder on my laptop. After writing up a quick script–I never go unscripted, I cleared my throat, had some water, did a little vocal exercise, checked the volume and did the recording. I played it back to see how it sounded and I realized I used the wrong word twice, was too close to the mike and needed a do-over. No worries, that’s what scripts are for. I made a couple of notations on the script where I messed up so I wouldn’t do it again then did the recording again. This time it was better and good enough.

I uploaded it to SoundCloud. This is my first time uploading to SC and it took awhile to figure out how to do that, and figure out that my file is a “stream.” Then I needed to embed it to WordPress, so I opened up the embed here on the draft post so I knew where I was going to put the URL. After that, I went to SC to create the URL and I got confused. I found where I could “Share” and there was both a URL and a button to Embed. So I clicked on embed but that URL was wrong so I copied the other URL and that seems to be the correct one, at least it looks fine on the Preview. But nothing happened. After over an hour of trial and error, I finally remembered that I cut and paste the URL where the audio file resides, and paste that into the embed box at WP. Finally.

Before publishing, I think it’s important to write the quote in the text of the blog so everyone can see it when they are listening to the recording. I didn’t do a close captioning for this one, and my enunciation may not be perfect so repeating the quote in text is important. Also, it’s redundant but makes the point to have the photo of it next to my technology. Does that make it “tongue in cheek”??

I made a stickie note to remind me in the future to cut and pasted the URL where the file is located for embedding. Maybe that will save me a lot of minutes and frustration in the future. It’s now after midnight and I tried SO hard to beat the clock tonight. So just a quiet Namaste, and to all a Good Night.

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