Gauchos, The Tango and Malbec

It seems Argentina has a twist on everything interesting in this world! So this is a dream vacation that would create the Joy we talk about in our theme (back to Bob Ross) because it will last at least six weeks, something I have never indulged in before. Can you imagine being gone from your reality that long? For this WritingAssignment1716, I need to tell you why I picked Argentina, and who and what I’d bring with me to make this an ideal vacation. So, last things first. Ideally, I’d be travelling with my longtime friend Tricia, because we are true travel buddies. She’s the driver and I’m the navigator. She’s fearless, can drive a stick or an automatic, 2WD, 4WD AWD, as long as it has wheels!, and has been on some of the “ruff”est roads imaginable through Spain, and then a complete white-out in the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica for over three hours. For me, I too, am a fearless navigator and can get us anywhere with a hard copy map (Waze and Google Maps still don’t work when there are no cell towers…), even if I can’t read a word on a road sign. I might, on a rare occasion, get us temporarily “sideways” but never for long. What we both do so well is laugh and have patience with each other, and we love going off the beaten path to find adventures.

Argentina for a Dream Vacation?? Of course! You have the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires; horses and gauchos on estancias; and Malbec at the vineyards in the Mendoza region surrounded by the Aconcagua Mountain!

Mendoza Valley with Aconcagua Mountain

The city of Buenos Aires is filled at night with the music that accompanies the awesome dance, the Argentine Tango. It’s one of the most difficult dances to learn and perfect, yet, when done well, it connects two people with intimate, sensual tension. The music is exciting, and everything about the Tango exudes passion and entertainment. We would take some time out while sightseeing in and around Buenos Aires to learn the tango. There are a lot of museums, great restaurants, and loads of great European, modern and Art Deco architecture to check out. I can imagine also taking day trips out of the city, which would keep us in the same lodging for about two weeks in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires

Go 70 miles outside of Buenos Aires and we would find ourselves in Argentina’s Pampas region at an estancia (ranch) with the gauchos and their traditional culture raising cattle as excellent horse riders. We would probably plan to stay at one for about a week to relax and enjoy the country. It would offer the opportunity to watch, or even learn how to play polo; or ride horseback for an hour or maybe a couple of days–whatever we feel like since we’re both experienced riders; and hopefully enjoy amazing barbeque at night with the music of the gauchos and their guitars.

Gaucho at work on estancia

Then we would need to turn our attention to the vineyards. Malbec is the king of wines here and is produced in the regions of Salta, Catamarca, Mendoza, Cordoba, Rio Negro and Neuquen. Wine tasting sounds like a great idea after the Pampas!

Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side

What’s so cool about Argentina is that the next stop may be a tropical rainforest to see Iguazu Falls, on the Argentine side (as opposed to the Brazilian side. After that, we may find ourselves flying to Patagonia which is literally the end of the world, to find penguins, whales, sea lions, seals, orcas and dolphins. This will be turning out to be a photographic vacation–I may need to rent some long lenses for Patagonia! Then we would hop on a boat to get up close to Perito Moreno glacier, one of the world’s largest freshwater glaciers, and one of the few in the world that is advancing and not receding. All of this would be just a trip of a lifetime, seeing so much over an extended period of time. Checking out of our realities for a while and soaking in another part of the world, really getting to know it. Now that’s bringing Joyful memories into our world for a long time!

Argentinian Patagonia

Thinking about this assignment and how to organize this dream vacation, I finally gave up doing more detailed planning out of an estimated six weeks. I gave one week to an estancia and two weeks in/around Buenos Aires. But then that would leave only three more weeks for everything else. I don’t know if something would have to fall out or if flying is the solution. So we’ll just imagine that we can do everything in six weeks and that money is no object. Because this is a Dream after all, and I would want to do it all if I’m going to fly all the way down to Argentina and probably never do this part of the world again.

The easy part of this assignment was the dreaming part–Shoot for the Moon and create your own Joy in your world! But then it became a problem with scoping out the details, doing the research to narrow the scope. There are so many commercial websites out there for each aspect of this trip, that it was difficult to find ones that didn’t have a lot of advertising. I was looking for more content and photos in the different websites that I could use for links, and less selling and pop-up windows that attempted to drive me to a decision or to make me provide my contact information.

For the photos, I found them all on either commercial websites or by doing a search for images. I copied them to a Word doc, then saved them as pictures to my class folder on my laptop. For now, it’s easiest and fastest for me to copy them as an image from that folder into WordPress. It may be more steps but I haven’t found a better to do it. Besides, I already have a Word doc open for the blog because that’s where I work on my text/copy before I insert it into WordPress.

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  1. Olivia

    This post is great! I actually got to work with 3 guys from Argentina this past summer, and it was really cool talking to them about that. I have always wanted to visit Argentina since I took my first Latin American History class with Dr. Poska. I know she has been there many times and absolutely loves it.

    1. admin

      Thanks, and maybe I should take her course! I have one year left at UMW–thanks for the info!

  2. Wade

    This is really cool! You have definitly sold me on a vacation to Argentina! I liked all the pictures you provided. You also used a lot of really good hyperlinks!

    1. admin

      Thanks–I finally figured out how to use Hyperlinks, and he said to use them so I figured I better-ha ha. Travel stories really beg for them, eh?

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