Weekly Summary–Week Seven

This week has been wonderful to finally work with people who I’ve only been observing through their creativity online. I was happy to meet SIX real people in our meeting on Monday and to participate in our collective creative process! I wish we had collaborated together since the beginning of the year because I can see how I can learn so much from each other in the same space, and much more quickly. I’ve always been frustrated with communicating via the printed word, ever since email was created back in the 1980s–you can’t get across true meaning when there is no voice inflection. Then, texting and social media made it even worse. Cryptic language has created cryptic relationships. Okay, now I could start down a communications culture rant rabbit hole….

We very quickly came to a consensus on a great story idea, parsed out the work load with care to ensure that the load was evenly distributed over the two weeks. That said, each individual will still have to take responsibility to do their share of effort. I look forward to the finished product! In the meantime, I appreciate the flexibility on the Audio Assignments, allowing us to use those as a springboard for what we need to get done for our radio show, but not being tied to them. Even though we won’t have any assigned on the second week, I’ll be doing the equivalent of more audio assignments during the spring break and possible the second week.

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