This is Good Advise!

Inventing a Public Service Advertisement (PSA) for Design Assignment 817 that may fit with my long story and our good friend Bob’s theme of Joy in all that we do, well, seemed to be to get out of the house and go hang with your peeps! Imagine that what you see below is a HUGE billboard somewhere off of Hwy 1/Emancipation Hwy/Richmond Hwy/Cambridge Street. It’s supposed to be a PSA billboard about something that really aggravates me about people, society, the world, etc. So I’m aggravated about being cooped up for so long because of COVID. So many cancelled trips and visits with close family and friends. It’s slowly changing and I am joyfully optimistic that we are coming out of our collective cocoons. It’s time to start planning and visualizing all the get-togethers you see in the pictures below, so go to the website ( and let’s get out there!

I used Canva to create the billboard and their presentation template because it approximated a billboard’s scale (it actually had the 16:9 aspect ratio that you find in many monitors at home). The images came from and I did a search for “getting together” to find the photos, trying to be as diverse as possible in ethnicity, gender, age, urban and rural. I was also looking for background colors in both warm and cool tones to maintain visual weight and balance in the images. I used “Permanent Marker” font for the header and subheader because of it’s more casual look, then used “Archivo Black” font for the call to action of “Go to” so people could quickly, distinctively see it. The art is all simple, light on text and easily read as a person would drive by. The words “Been Cooped Up?” is hopefully catchy as a person drives by and would be remembered, like the “Got Milk?” slogan years ago. It was suggested in the instructions that I frame the billboard by superimposing a photo of an existing billboard on it, but that became a bridge too far when I couldn’t find any art that was workable. I did pick a background texture that looked like billboard paper.

Get out There and Enjoy by Jenny Holbert

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